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School diary is a web application made and recommended for all types of schools. Designed for the Bulgarian educational system; the school diary is now translated into English and its performance has been improved. It is a system for marks, grades, classes teachers, subjects and all the relations between them. Moreover, it has 5 different levels of authentication or 5 different types of users:

  • Headmaster
  • Administrator
  • Teacher
  • Form-master teacher
  • Student
  • Parent

Developed as a project in high school, the system gives you countless number of opportunities to manage and keep track of your school marks, classes and grades. Some of the functionalities of the school diary include:         

  • Setting up the school terms
  • Adding school subjects
  • Creating classes
  • Setting up the class schedule
  • Setting up the class subjects
  • Adding marks, notices and absences
  • Adding a form-master teacher to a certain class
  • Checking a certain student’s information (grades, notices, absences, etc.)
  • Search a student by UCC
  • Parent to contact a teacher
  • Admin panel to successfully administrate all the users
  • A small element in the system compares the time now and all the hours, classes and subjects that are set in the diary and reports when the teacher is having a break or maybe a lesson with a certain class.

The technologies and the programming languages used for the project are:

  • Front-end: JavaScript, xHTML and CSS, AJAX
  • Back-end: PHP
  • Data source: MySQL

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